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Sunday, Nov. 17, 2019

Bezan Calls For Action Against Ukrainian Government



Квітень 19, 2012



Bezan Calls For Action Against Ukrainian Government

James Bezan, Member of Parliament for Selkirk-Interlake, made the following statement after learning that Ukraine’s former defence minister Valeriy Ivashchenko was sentenced to five years in prison: «The conviction of Mr. Valeriy Ivanshchenko, the third political opponent of President Yanukovych to be imprisoned without due process, is a sad reminder that democracy is under attack in Ukraine and judicial independence in Ukraine has completely eroded. I am deeply tro­ubled by President Ya­nukovych’s continued disregard for human rights and democracy in Ukraine.»

«Canada must send a clear message to the Yanukovych administration that the Ukrainian govern­ment’s direct assault on their political opposition is not acceptable and will not be tolerated. In my opinion, it is now clear that a strong signal must be sent from Canada, and hopefully the international community, or the Ukrainian government’s blatant disregard for de­mocracy, the rule of law and human rights will not end nor be reversed.»

«In order to stop the Ukrainian government’s attack on democracy, I am asking the Government of Canada to freeze foreign assets held by Ukraine’s leadership and cancel their travel Visas as well. Canada must send a robust delegation of election mo­ni­tors for this fall’s Uk-ra­inian Parliamentary elections. I also believe we need to implement eco­nomic sanctions, and suspend talks on the Canada-Ukraine free trade agreement. Diplomacy to date has not worked and we must pressure President Yanukovych to change course from what appears to be draconian Soviet-era policies.»

For more information please contact: Dana Seymour, Office of James Bezan, MP. Phone: 613-992-2032, media@jamesbezan.com


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