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Tymoshenko’s Daughter Meets With Community Representatives



Лютий 09, 2012



Tymoshenko’s Daughter Meets With Community Representatives

Eugenia Tymoshen­ko, the daughter of imprisoned former prime minister Ju­lia Tymoshenko, was in Washington, DC in early February 2012 to testify before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee abo­ut the status of her mo­ther’s imprisonment. While in the nation’s capital, the ex-prime minister’s da­ug­hter also participated in the National Prayer Bre­ak­fast (attended by President Obama) and met with various congressional and Administration offici­als. Representatives of Ukrainian community or­gani­zations in Washin­g­ton, DC had an opportu­nity to meet with Ms. Ty­moshenko and her advi­sors to discuss the current situation in Ukraine.

The nearly one-ho­ur meeting with Ms. Ty­mo­shenko was held on Friday morning, February 3rd. Organized by the Uk­rainian Congress Com­­mittee of America (UCCA), the community representatives included: Michael Sawkiw, Jr., Di­rector of the Ukrainian Na­tional Information Ser­vice (UNIS), the UCCA’s public affairs bureau in Washington, DC; Andrew Bihun, President of The Washington, Group; Rev. Vasyl Kharuk, pastor of the Ukrainian Catholic Na­tional Shrine of the Holy Family; and Oksana Yakovenko from the US-Ukraine Foundation.

Ms. Tymoshenko bri­e­fed the community rep­resentatives about the status of her mother’s heal­th and efforts to win her release. She mentioned her testimony at the Se­nate Foreign Relations Committee hearing and the need for follow-up with the Committee members. Mr. Sawkiw informed Eugenia Tymoshenko of the community’s actions since her mother’s impri­sonment, including pro­tests held at Ukrainian diplomatic missions in the United States, as well as efforts to contact Doctors Without Borders to send an independent team of physicians to Uk­raine to examine Yuliya Tymoshenko. Others, too, inquired about the former prime minister’s health, especially considering the harsh, cold winter that Ukraine is currently facing. The community representatives also in­teracted with Ms. Tymo­shenko’s advisors, who informed them of their plans for appeals in Ukraine, the outlook for the October 2012 par­li­amentary elections, and sought advice to intercede on behalf of Ju­lia Tymoshenko’s de­teriorating health.

UNIS has observed the situation regarding the former prime minister and continuously monitors ongoing congressional developments including Rep. Marcy Kaptur’s re­solution on the release of Yuliya Tymoshenko. A key factor in the issues affecting the former prime minister entails a free and democratic society, including its electoral pro­cess. To ensure a free, fair, and transparent process, the UCCA will once again host a delegation of International Election Observers to monitor the upcoming October parliamentary elections in Ukraine. For further information about con­gressional actions and the UCCA election observer mission, please contact the UCCA at ucca@ucca.org or UNIS at unis@ucca.org.

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