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New Film About Ukraine In Theatres In Canada



Лютий 23, 2012



New Film About Ukraine In Theatres In Canada

February 15, 2012 — Olga Nenya, a Ukrainian Super­mom,is raising seventeen orphans in Sumy, a small town in Eastern Ukraine. While Olga is on a crusade to saveher foster children from the unjust world, she is also determined to shapetheir future according to her own, often limited vision.

«Engaging-documen­tary…Well-crafted, nicely scored.» Variety

«FamilyPortrait in Black and White», documentary film that tells the story of the mostunusual fa­mi­ly in the Ukraine, is the Winner of Hot Docs Film Festival2011 and a nominee for Genie Award for Best Canadian Documentary withthe ceremony taking place on March 8th in Toronto. It is the firstfilm in many years that brought the Ukraine to the broad international audienceand won the hearts of people at the festivals all over the world — from Korea to Bermuda, from Mumbai to Whitehorse.

«Anemotionally absorbing subject filled with layers of complexity.» Now Toronto

Thecomplexity of the central figure of the film, Olga Nenya, who was raised by theSoviet regime and believes in communal responsibility over individual freedom,is the reason for the film’s magnetism.

CRITIC’SPICK «Family Portrait is riveting.»

L. A. Weekly

Olga doesnot see color or creed of her foster children most of whom are bi-racial,results of amorous relationships between local Ukrainian girls and Africanstudents. The documentary was fil­med during three turbulent years that seeOlga’s brood of seventeen fos­ter children grow into ram­bunctious teenagers.

«Fromthe chilling ope­ning to the incredibly bittersweet conclusion, Family Portraitin Black and White will be studied for years to come.» CritisizeThis

The musicscore featu­res the most beloved tra­ditional Ukrainian folk songs performed by­the Sichons — father and daughter duet from Mission, B. C.

Director Julia Ivanova is an accomplished Ca­na­dian documentary fil­­m­makerwhose two other latest films take place in Ukraine. «Ten Days=Wife:Love Tra­nslated» follows fifteen Western men on a tour to find a wife in Odessa; «High Five» isan adoption saga, a film about a typical Canadian couple that adopted fivebrothers and sisters in the Ukraine. High Five will bereleased later this year after five years of filming the family. Julia is based in Vancouver, BC.

Producer Boris Ivanov has been producing fil­ms since 2000, inclu­ding:From Russia For Love (2000), Moscow Fre­e­style (2006), Fa­therhoodDreams (2007), True Love or Marriage Fraud: Price of Heartache (2010) and Love Tran­slated (2011).

Highquality images are available at http://www.familyportraitthefilm.com/press/

Formore information or to schedule an interview with Julia Ivanova who will be in Toronto starting February 29, 2012 contact:

Boris Ivanov,



Julia Ivanova,



INTERFILM PRODUCTIONS INC. www.interfilm.ca, www.familyportraitthefilm.com

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